27. Contingent liabilities

EUR 1,000 2016 2015

On own behalf

Real estate mortgages 4,400 4,400
Corporate mortgages 45,336 45,336
Pledged deposits 1,221 808
Guarantees 474 197
Pledged trade receivables and accrued income related to construction
contracts *
5,982 14,979
Total 57,414 65,721

Other contingent liabilities
Desputed income tax liabilities in India 3,988 1,345
Total 3,988 1,345

* In addition to these trade and other receivables recognised in the balance sheet, EUR 0 (2,210) thousand of the order book are related to such long-term projects for which total income is pledged under the working capital credit facility agreement.

In addition, the parent company's shares in the Indian subsidiries are pledged. These shares have a book value of EUR 7,418 thousand in the parent company.

Due to the uncertainty related to the income tax dispute the Group has not recognised a provision.